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BENEFIT Shrimp Powder Topper

BENEFIT Shrimp Powder Topper

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There are numerous potential health benefits when using toppers and Benefit Shrimp powder is no exception.

Shrimp powder is packed full of nutrients, antioxidants, low in fat and carbs, added as a topper to your dog’s meal in a small, regulated portion as directed is great for your dog’s overall health.

Great for those older doggos to ward off arthritis and sore joints.

Vitamin B12 for gut health

Vitamin B3 for enzyme production

Phosphorous for healthy bones

Ingredients (150mg)

100% Shrimp

Dosage by Dog weight:

1mg (1/4 teaspoon) per 5 kg

Cost per serve by dog weight per meal

5kg $0.13c

10kg $0.27c

15kg $0.40c

20kg $0.53c

This product is intended for supplemental feeding and not as a meal replacement.

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