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Chicken Broth Bombs

Chicken Broth Bombs

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Menudogg Chicken Bone Broth Bombs are 88% Bio Organic Protein. This is the most natural and healthy way to ingest protein and minerals. The health benefits of bone broth have been spoken about for centuries.

Keeps doggos bones strong

As the chicken broth is primarily made of bones, it helps extract the nutrients from the bones, which is not possible any other way. The longer cooking time of the broth will take out all the gelatin and collagen from the chicken bones, which is essential for your dog’s joint health.

If you have a senior dog suffering from arthritis, chicken broth can be the ideal meal to promote joint health instead of relying on medicines and supplements.

Rich in protein

Chicken is rich in protein. So, providing chicken broth can be the best way to transfer these protein-rich properties to your doggo, along with the other essential nutrients. As dogs need protein in their diet, chicken broth can fulfil their nutritional needs.

Contains essential nutrients

Chicken broth contains many other essential vitamins and nutrients our dogs don’t get through other foods. Some of these are:

  • Phosphorous
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Silicon


Relieves an upset stomach

Should your dog be suffering from an upset stomach and isn’t eating anything? Well, chicken broth can be the perfect solution. It is easy to digest, prevents dehydration, and will provide the necessary nutrients to make your dog healthy.

Pack of 8 Bombs = equivalent to 2 Litres
One bomb makes 200 – 250mls of broth.

Get all the healing and gut health benefits of bone broth in a tasty bomb! Save yourself hours of preparation. Simply rip open this tasty packet of goodness and have your doggo enjoy all the benefits of organic chicken bone broth in a whole new, hassle and mess-free way.

Dissolve in a mug of hot water, wait for it to cool and pour over doggos normal food or use as a topper by simply crumbling up to give a nutritious flavour boost.

This revolutionary convenient broth is the first of its kind, made using a special drying method that preserves all the healing properties and transforms the broth into a great shelf steady product.

Made with 100% organic, free-range chickens.

No additives or preservatives, gluten-free, dairy, soy, sugar-FREE.

100% Australian made

100% Australian ingredient

No refrigeration is needed, 12 months shelf life if resealed.

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