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Complete Mobility Care Mix (Frozen)

Complete Mobility Care Mix (Frozen)

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Menudoog has teamed up with CDK9 as a reseller for the Adelaide market. 

Our complete mixes have been formulated to exceed AAFCO requirements. Each one includes all key nutrients and minerals required by dogs including those generally lacking in a raw diet such as manganese, Vitamin E, Vitamin D and zinc in natural and bioavailable forms.

CDK9 Raw mixes include human-grade meat, fruit and vegetables with zero additives, preservatives or fillers. All meat is sourced from Australian farmers, including grass-fed and pasture-raised animals.

Our Complete Mobility Care raw dog food has been developed to help calm and reduce inflammation. Each ingredient has been carefully picked to support detoxification and includes anti-cancer agents (betalains), nitrates to reduce blood pressure and minerals beneficial to the heart, liver and digestive systems.

The bonus bit - parsley and celery make it a great breath-cleanser too!

Check out our Raw Feeding Guide here!

Ingredients: chicken meat, kangaroo meat, chicken bones & cartilage, beef liver, beef offal, green beef tripe (cold washed), sardines, sweet potato, beetroot, celery, parsley, devils claw root, hemp seeds, wheat germ oil, zinc sulfate

Guaranteed Analysis (per 100g) - Metabolisable energy: 580 kJ/100g, Protein: 15.4g, Fat: 8.9g, Crude fibre: <1.0g, Moisture: 70.1%, Ash: 3g, Calcium: 480mg, Phosphorus: 380mg

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