• July

    This month our doggo of the month is Ginny, she loves beauty products especially our Menudogg Silkypawz Shampoos.

    In a recent chat with her, she said "I love being pampered and my Mum is great at it!"

    Well here at Menudogg we certainly agree she is a very beautiful doggo.

    Enter your Doggo via email woof@menudogg.com for a chance to win a Doggo box!

Australia's Favourite Doggo Brand

Menudogg® specialises in high value treats, chews, toppers and wellbeing products for dogs.

Our mission is to ensure our furry friends do not miss the latest and greatest Aussie doggo products.

Our four-legged friends need a snack just like we do. Nothing left in the cupboard, no time for the shops, let Menudogg send the goodies that your best friend needs.

The founders of Menudogg are very enthusiastic dog owners who want to bring an amazing choice of products sourced from local producers all around Australia to your door. That's why we work and identify with brands that supply only the absolute best, premium, healthy food for your doggo.

Want the best? Then give them the best!

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Our Best Sellers

You Try to Live Healthy, Why not Your Doggo Too??

Many of us start to really exercise and eat healthy around our middle years to prolong our life with our loved ones. But what if we started when we were 20 instead of 50, how much longer could we have?

Guess what? Your Doggo is the same, why not feed them healthy, beneficial supplements to enrich their wellbeing so they stay healthier and with us even longer?

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