Dogs and supplements

Dogs and supplements

Human supplements of all kinds are now apart of daily life from multivitamins to specialty supplements that are designed to support specific bodily functions. Does that mean you should also add a supplement to your pet’s daily ration of food to keep them healthy? If it’s good for you then why should your furry companion miss out.

Once you have chosen a diet that is ideal for your doggos age and lifestyle, there are supplements that you can consider adding based on the particular health needs of your dog. You should always first discuss with your veterinarian or nutritionist any supplements that you are considering giving to your doggo. This will ensure there are no complications or health concerns with other medications you are giving or medical conditions your dog may have.

Each and every nutrient in your dog’s diet has a purpose. Without adequate nutrition, your dog would not be able to maintain good muscle tone, build and repair those muscles, teeth, bones, whilst going about their normal daily activities with ease or fight-off infection and illness. Proteins provide a source of energy and help with muscle function and growth. Fats provide energy, help the brain function, and keep the skin and hair coat shiny and healthy. Carbohydrates supply a source of quick energy that allow your doggo to be active and energetic. Vitamins and minerals work to prevent disease and are necessary for muscles and nerves.


A young golden lab puppy


One example is the supplementation of glucosamine and chondroitin commonly found together in shark cartilage that help protect the joints to prevent or slow the progression of arthritis. They work to increase lubrication within the joint as well as repair cartilage, whilst they will not eliminate arthritis or correct any structural abnormalities these essential supplements can help support the joint function and introduced early in your doggo’s diet is a sure way to ward off any problems in later life.

Another widely used dietary supplement that has many functions and is a great additive to many foods is omega-3 fatty acids such as those found in fish or hemp oil. Omega-3 fatty acids are a powerful anti-inflammatory for the skin and joints and can help support the function of several organs.

Several studies have shown that antioxidants such as vitamins C and E will protect and repair a dog’s brain cells. Supplements containing compounds that maintain good brain function with high levels of antioxidants protect a dog’s aging brain and are a good choice if you notice your older doggo is slowing down.

A high quality, complete and balanced diet formulated and supplemented for your dog’s specific age and lifestyle will meet all the essential nutrients to maintain optimal health. Additional supplements that address certain medical or dietary issues may improve the health of your doggo however, it is always best to first discuss any concerns with your vet or nutritionist and get their recommendations for supplements your doggo may benefit from.


A husky puppy running in the forest

Providing Essential Nutrients 

Your dog’s diet might need a lift to provide the essential vitamins and nutrients. While fats and carbohydrates are a basic part of dog food, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids can be lost during the manufacturing process just like when we overcook vegetables.

Holistic vets recommend supplementing with vital ingredients to boost both the efficiency of your dog’s food and replace any missing nutrients.  But be careful not to overload your pet with unnecessary ingredients—the best vitamins will replenish and support with maximum efficiency even in the smallest of doses. 


Kickstart the immune system 

A balanced, robust immune system reduces your dog’s risk of several ailments such as heart disease, inflammation, arthritis, and diabetes. A dog’s body will automatically regulate cells to make sure they’re working properly while eliminating potentially harmful pathogens before they become an issue. However, even a minor glitch in the process can open the door to a host of health problems. 

Supplements can make sure the immune system is balanced and healthy to ward off an attack. Along with a balanced diet and regular exercise, vitamins with high-quality ingredients will increase your doggos ability to fight illness throughout their life. 

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Skin and Coat

An issue and often distressing problem for many dogs is irritated or hot skin and hair loss. Several external influences can be the cause of an irritation, a supplement specific to your doggos coat can prevent the onset or spread of a problem. Introducing supplements or shampoos that include oils and minerals can replenish your dog’s immunity that fight common problems:
  • Bacterial or fungal infections 
  • Ticks/Fleas
  • Surface and airborne allergies 
  • High hair loss or shedding
  • Dry and itchy skin 
Should your doggos skin appear inflamed, you may want to introduce sensitive dog shampoo that can help stimulate essential skin oils, and the hypoallergenic, paraben-free formula makes it anti-inflammatory and safe. 

Overall improvement

Introducing your doggo to a nutritional supplement can improve their functionality over time. The best supplements will include antioxidants, minerals, protein, and enzymes which all have been linked to improving wellbeing.

Supplements particularly those found in fish can make a long-term difference in overall health inside and out.

Shrimp is packed full of nutrients, antioxidants, low in fat and carbs


Abalone containing a rich source of antioxidants and calcium

Adding supplements or switching to an additive-rich diet, can only enhance a proper nutrition that is suited to your doggos stage of life whilst helping to support and positively influence the aging process. Your doggos diet is a critical part of enhancing and maintaining their overall wellbeing as they grow and enter senior years.

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