About Menudogg

A golden retriever running down a tree ined path towards the camera
The founders of Menudogg are very passionate dog owners who want to bring an amazing choice of products sourced from local producers all around Australia to your door. That why we work and identify with brands that provide only the very best, high value, premium, healthy food, treats and chews for your doggo.
Your fur baby or babies are as much a part of the family as ours and we want all doggo’s to enjoy the health benefits offered across the Menudogg range. Our products go through an extensive selection process to ensure only the highest quality ingredients are included with none of the nasty stuff.

We believe that what's inside matters most, which is why we have a no frills approach to our packaging. 


 What is in your doggo’s subscription box?

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Each boutique box contains treats, chews, and toppers with the specific aim of providing the ultimate in nutrition and health benefits, to ensure your doggo remains not only happy but healthy. You have three options to choose from and you pick the products along with our surprise and delight gift.

Treats and Chews


Where are our treats and chews made?

Menudogg carefully selects products that are Australian made with only the smallest amount of ingredients. We will never sell products that contain sugar, preservatives, chemicals, or fillers.

We use fish, a lot - why?

Menudogg provides your doggo with a high quality, extremely healthy treat made with just one ingredient, fish. We have collaborated extensively with a supplier who found a way to do this all whilst eliminating waste and increasing sustainability in the seafood industry.
All the unwanted fish bycatch from the pristine waters of tropical North Queensland, is manufactured into high value, nutritional dog treats. By sourcing fresh fish and then air-drying slowly at low temperatures, capturing all the natural health benefits from the Omega oils in the fish.
A Retriever holding a fish in her mouth

Just look at the benefits of giving doggo fish

 Packed full of Omega 3
Great for skin and coat
Essential organ health
Bones and joints
Non allergenic

How long will the treats or chews last once I open the bag?

We supply treats and chews that have a shelf life of 12 months. Please refer to the best before date on the bag.

Managing your Membership

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Changing your details
Change all your details such as shipping address or payment type by logging into your Menudogg account.
You can also send us an email woof@menudogg.com and we will do it for you.

How can I pay?

Menudogg subscription boxes can be purchased using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express) or PayPal

When will I be charged?

 When you sign up, your first payment will be processed allowing us to send your first box out to you immediately. After that, you will be billed on either the 3rd or the 10th of each month.

 More than one doggo

Our doggo boxes are designed to be a month’s worth of treats and chews for a single dog.
We will always cater for multiple dogs:
Need an extra bag of treats or chews each month - email woof@menudogg.com and we’ll make it happen or simply order extra.
Having a pet party or celebrating with other doggo’s.
Subscribers have the option to increase the size of the box or have multiple boxes delivered at no extra charge

Want to change your box

Absolutely. No matter what type of plan you are on, we can always customise your doggo’s preferences to treats and chews. The best way to change a product is just an email away woof@menudogg.com

Changing your subscription

Want to change your subscription, no problem:
Reduce your boxes (receive one every other month instead)
Skip a few (In case your away)
Change what’s in the box (Doggo may only like one type or flavour)

    What happens should I cancel?

    a dog crying Noooo
    As long as you have met the minimum requirement of your subscription plan, you have the option to cancel your subscription by logging into your Menudogg account. We’ll shed a few tears and be sad to see you go. If you have any questions about cancellation of your subscription, you can always contact us via email woof@menudogg.com

    When my plan ends what happens?

    When your minimum plan term has finished, we continue your service to ensure your fur baby keeps enjoying the delicious doggo box until you want to change something. 

    Tail wag promise

    A bindle pitbull laying on her back looking like she's smiling
    The Menudogg team go a long way to ensure that a product or our service is nothing but the best, we are also realistic and understand that sometimes doggo will love some things more than others.
    In the unlikely event that either you or your doggo is not happy with an item in your box, we would love to hear from you and help find a suitable replacement or how we can ensure your subscription experience is a great benefit for your dog.
    Should you still believe our service is not for your doggo, you have access to a 1 -week cooling off period from the time you receive your first box. You can end your subscription at any time by contacting us at woof@menudogg.com

    Need further Info!

    We do too!!!! We love feedback
    Please tell us anything and everything about your Menudogg experience or better still send us a photo or post on our Instapage of your doggo, their box or treat
    Like surprises?
    Our team of Dash Hounds will choose the best photo each month and feature it on our website and
    check your mailbox
    It could be your doggo!