Five Fishy Reasons for Your Doggo

Five Fishy Reasons for Your Doggo

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Heart Health Fish in the diet can reduce the risk of heart disease by reducing clots and inflammation, improve vessel elasticity, lower blood pressure and blood fats.

Eye Health Fish in the diet is associated with reduced risk of age-related macular degeneration.

Bone Health Regular consumption of fish can relieve the symptoms of arthritis, psoriasis, and autoimmune disease.

Longevity The benefits of fish in your doggos diet can prevent the risk of digestive cancers.

Skin & Coat The high levels of omega-3 fatty acid chains in our fish products encourage you pets natural production of sebum, an oil that their skin produces to protect and condition their coat.

Teeth & Gums Our treats promote your pets chewing actions to shift away build ups of plaque from their teeth and gums benefiting their oral health and removing plaque and bad breath.

Calcium When your pet crunches down on 100% dehydrated fish and its bones the benefits of calcium, phosphorus, silica, and other micronutrients are absorbed in digestion creating healthier and stronger joints and cartilage for your doggo.

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Dogs and cats suffer from allergies just like we do! In fact, many skin conditions can be caused by allergies. Feeding your doggo fish is a great alternative nutritious option for dogs with allergies as they have no additives or preservatives and provide anti-inflammatory benefits for their body.

Dogs that are allergic to, or not interested in standard meats such as beef, chicken, or lamb fall in love with our fish treats as an alternative that gives them a dietary boost of flavour and nutrition.

Safe & Delicious
Our 100% fish treats are completely natural without any additives or preservatives, simply dehydrated that’s it. These products are designed as a treat but can be given to your pet often throughout the day or as you desire.
Gluten & Grain Free

Did you know dogs can also have, or develop gluten intolerance or Celiac Disease? With grain found in many different types of dog food and dog treats, more and more dog pawrents are opting to go Gluten-Free when buying treats. 100% fish treats are of course Gluten or Grain FREE so you and your doggo will never have to worry.

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  1. On-Trend

You may or may not be surprised to know that the main trends in the pet industry surround providing dogs with healthier food and treats. With a rising number of people becoming more concerned about their own health and diets, it makes total sense that we’re also becoming more concerned with our pet‘s health and diets. The following listed items are the top trends in the Dog Treat Industry today.

Rising behaviour towards our doggos around the world has led owners to treat them as members of their family. So much so, the vast majority of pet owners consider themselves Pet Pawrents instead. This has led to buying more human-grade pet foods that are natural and organic to keep their fur babies as healthy as possible. In fact, 85% believe they can extend the lives of their pets based on the foods they feed them. Concerns over appearances may also play a role in fuelling consumers’ healthy streak; 90% expressed that it’s important for their pets to look healthy on the outside—while 44% confessed that they sometimes judge other people based on their pets’ appearance (e.g., if the pet looks overweight, fit, etc.). A recent study found that, compared to older generations, Millennials (37%) were more inclined to worry that the pet food they buy is making their pets obese.

Environmental concerns in Australia and around the world, doggo owners are buying more treats, chews and toppers that do not create any negative socio-economic impacts during production. These products also do not have any negative environmental impacts during disposal. Our fish treats, chews and toppers are only sourced sustainably, now, forever, and always.

Premiumization has become an increasing trend in dog treat sales. Premium dog treats are typically sold as Healthy, Organic, Sustainable or Grain-Free, so consumers are increasingly getting used to spending more on their dog’s treats and food. Beyond this, many customers report that they will purposely buy more expensive treats for their dogs under the assumption they are getting a better, healthier product. Menudogg believe that this should not be the case and want to deliver the best quality product at the most affordable price. Just because it is deemed organic doesn’t mean it has to be expensive.

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  1. Environmental Impact

When you buy fish dog treats, chews, and toppers from experienced, environment conscious and proud Australian Fishers, you can rest assured we are working under the best practices to provide treats without harming our wonderful waters. Governments and citizens around the world are aware and acting on the negative impacts we have on our environment more than ever. All over the world the fishing industries have a big problem with waste, and although most governments are doing their best to eliminate this problem, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be getting much better. In fact, in some parts of the world, fishers report that it’s actually becoming worse due to overbearing government regulations. What the fishers know, and what some governments don’t, is fish. How they live, and how these regulations will affect them. Many fish that are caught must be thrown back into the ocean due to being the nontargeted species, no to low value for human consumption, or other regulations. Although this sounds like a step in the right direction, the sad truth is that it’s not. After being tracked, researchers found that nearly 98% of these fish perished soon after being thrown back and became waste.

That’s where Menudogg comes in…

Menudogg in conjunction with our supplier help make use of these fish in our dog treats, chews, and toppers so nothing goes to waste. Our goal is to eliminate waste from the fishing industry by developing doggo products that use the entire fish. This way, we provide more opportunity back to Australian Fishers all while providing the dogs of our world the best quality, human-grade premium fish dog treats, chews, and toppers they can sink their gnashers into!

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  1. Dog Food & Treat Industry

In Australia and around the globe, reports show a consistent growth in the dog treat industry. This is largely due to dog pawrents spending more money on their dogs to ensure they are providing their doggos with healthy food and treats for them. This is more than a trend; this is the new standard as so many owners report a loss of trust in dealing with large pet brands. No longer will people assume that the food and treats supplied by large corporations is healthy and has their dog’s health and longevity in mind. It would appear that consumers fear the unknown ingredients that companies fill their food and treats with to achieve desirable colour, size or price and are opting for brands and products that use minimal or single use ingredients.

So why Menudogg and fish?
Menudogg PTY Ltd has every customer best interest in mind from the suppliers and manufacturers we trust to provide our quality products, to the doggos who eagerly await and enjoy them every single day. We strive for product perfection, no negative environmental impact and simply provide healthy, delicious 100% fish dog treats, chews, and toppers. Fish for dogs is becoming the new go-to due to its many health benefits, wonderful taste, and human-grade dietary qualities. Menudogg is striving to become the go-to provider for all things fish due to our sustainable approach, the love and care for doggos everywhere and our desire to innovate and provide products that are healthy, beneficial and affordable.


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