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BENEFIT Mixed Ocean Fish Protein Topper

BENEFIT Mixed Ocean Fish Protein Topper

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Whether you want your doggo to eat more, increase the nutritional value of their meal or simply enhance the taste of their usual food then Benefit Mixed fish protein topper is a smart choice.

Convenient and easy to use, simply sprinkle or mix as directed to your doggos regular food and pow!

Mixed ocean fish protein powder is a wholesome topper to add to your dog’s meal anytime. Fish is high in protein, but exceptionally low in fat, so it’s a perfect protein booster

Ingredients (150gm)

100% Wild Caught Ocean fish

Dosage by Dog weight:

1mg (1/4 teaspoon) per 5 kg per meal

Cost per serve per meal

  5kg $0.13c

10kg $0.27c

15kg $0.40c

20kg $0.53c

This product is intended for supplemental feeding and not as a meal replacement.


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