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Pig Ear Trims

Pig Ear Trims

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All natural pig ears that have been sliced into convenient thin strips then dehydrated for the ultimutt pork crackling for dogs of all sizes as an easy, delicious, healthy treat.

Ingredient 100% Australian Pork

Menudogg Natural Pork Ear Trims are a delicious all-natural chew treat that your dog will absolutely love. These are dehydrated with no artificial colouring or additives. Pork trims are chewy yet digestible, making it a safer choice than some alternative chews. These natural pork ears are not only good tasting, they are also good for your dog too. The ear is rich in protein and mainly made up of cartilage which is naturally full of chondroitin. This helps improve the health of joint cartilage, and specifically aids dogs with arthritis. The long-lasting chewing allows proper stimulation to teeth and gums.

  • Great for dental health to reduce tartar and plaque build-up all while chewing
  • Grain and gluten free 
  • 100% natural, no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives
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