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StinkyPawz™ Pet Odour Eliminator

StinkyPawz™ Pet Odour Eliminator

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Should You Take Pet Odour Seriously?


 Keeping areas of your home protected and smelling fresh with pets is a constant challenge and odour is no exception, making its removal an essential part of the daily cleaning regime. 

The presence of odour signifies a build-up of bacteria, left untreated, bacteria will multiply at an alarming rate that can be harmful to both humans and our precious fur babies...


Is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, high-performance disinfectant suitable for all surfaces inside and out and is an absolute must for bedding or cleaning up after the pee or poop.


Organic formulation stops microbial breeding by cutting off the germ's food source therefore, the bacteria are unable to multiply

 Reduce| Refill |Reuse 

With StinkyPawz super concentrate. Reduce the number of plastic bottles using the 20ml Refill by Reusing the bottle provided.

 The Facts

Unique, organic formulation with natural ingredients and 100% biodegradable.
20ml Super concentrate that stops (10) plastic bottles from entering landfills or our oceans.
Why pay for water twice - Just use your own?
Re-use the 500ml bottle, just keep it in the cupboard.
StinkyPawz reduces environmental impact as it is chemical-free.


StinkyPawz Super Concentrate Starter Pack

Laboratory tested and manufactured using only organic ingredients

Highly effective against offensive and unwanted odours

A green biological cleaner that permanently removes odour, germs even viruses caused by pee, poo, or other organic pet mess

20ml super concentrate glass bottle makes up to five litres of ready to use solution using the refill bottle provided. That’s a whopping ten refills!!

Is anti-viral, anti-microbial, works against gram-positive and negative bacteria

DAR Kosher and Halal certified

100% chemical-free – NO NASTY STUFF

Safe to use on all hard and soft surfaces

Environmentally friendly, Safe for you and your pets

Great for pet beds and litter boxes even outside!


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